The First (thefirstevil) wrote,
The First

Question Time

Have decided to take time out from regularly scheduled minion-training to answer some questions asked many, many times in the comments. Well, several times. Once. Maybe.

Questions Frequently Put to the First

How do you type if you're, y'know, incorporeal and all?
Insist on all Bringers being trained secretaries, since always in need of memos, e-mails etc in this modern, modem-wacky world. Also, great advantage to having the cream of Microsoft's research & development division at my disposal - incorporeal keyboard-and-mouse combo great boon.

If you're so bent on destroying the world, how do you find time to update?
Key to evil domination is excellent management structure. Also the Second-through-20345th Evil can handle most minor quibbles that may arise.

Where were you when JFK was shot?
On grassy knoll, wondering if Harbinger would have been more accurate shot without his eyes sewn shut.

Are you responsible for the cancellation of Firefly?
That cowboy space thing? No! I liked that show. The captain was strangely attractive, for a non-souled-vampire.

How many minions do you have, and why don't you run out when Buffy and co are slaughtering countless Harbingers every week?
Minion out-placement programs excellent resource.

What color is your toothbrush?
The First Evil does not have plaque. The First Evil is the cause of plaque in others.

Are you responsible for the events in LA?
Even I'm not sure anymore.

Right, that's enough questions - two of the Bringers just tripped over the dummy SIT they're supposed to be practise-stabbing. It never ends.
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