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Why do these things happen to me? It isn't even Tuesday

My Harbinger research group are acting v. strangely. Lots of chanting going on, but so far no actual locating getting done. Also we seem to have acquired literally thousands of candles.

The Bringers seem to be enjoying this spell business a little too much. Suspicious amount of giggling and falling over going on, and if any of them had pupils, almost certain they'd be dilated. Will look into this myself.


Magic is addictive?

Did I miss a memo?!


Well, this is peachy. With a Slayer line to wipe out, I have to ship half my Harbingers to the Betty Ford clinic (Mrs. Ford most helpful in getting last-minute cancellations: must remember to try the "morphing into dead president" routine in future emergencies). Tried the local help groups, but Spellcasters Anonymous could only provide a semi-sympathetic nod and a "So Your Minion's a Junkie" pamphlet. And while I was reading it, the little spell-heads knocked off a store downtown. Not against armed robbery per se - all evil is good evil, after all, except where Regis Philbin involved - but holding up the Little Shop of Herbers and stealing all the sage is embarrassingly lame for henchbeings of ultimate evil.

Will be glad to get them into the clinic. They've gone through eight hundred and thirty bottles of mineral water in the last three hours. At first, suspected they were trying to look trendy and health-conscious, but now getting quite worried. Really can't afford all that bottled water.

Probably no update tomorrow, since as their employer I have to attend group therapy with them. Evil used to be so much easier.
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