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No recent entries, since have been feeling oddly out of the loop in own apocalypse. Even Tuesday's attempt to get in a spot of Slayer-taunting fell flat - planned to put in another appearance as one of the ex-SITs (or possibly Jim Morrison), but Buffy's band of bores evidently discovered my deep-rooted fear of puppets. Damn them.

On the plus side, Spike is wearing the coat again. Must promote the Harbinger who daringly invaded the Summers stronghold to retrieve it and bring it to the basement. At least, assume that was what happened, since was sure the coat was last seen in hands of burly carpenter-type.

Hate my minions. The Beast seems to be deliberately ignoring his voicemail. LA sources have whsipers of him aligning to some new power. Even gave away the knife I gave him for Christmas. Okay, was unwanted present from Dave the Harbinger two years ago, but no need to be impolite.

Anyway, have shaken myself out of recent funk. There's a brand, spanking new plan - and this is to be last entry in the chronicle of an evil being. It's been a rollercoaster couple of months, from the dizzying highs of days spent simply watching Spike with his shirt off, to the lows of endlessly having to replace minions after Slayer ass-whuppings. But from now on my dealings will be private, intensely secretive and mindbogglingly evil. The First is Back on Top. Past year has been tough - the traumatic breakup with Lloyd, the death of poor Ubie, that damn SIT with the faux English accent who refuses to impale herself on something large and sharp. But as the most powerful entity in the 'verse, I can rise above it all.

I will prevail. Oh yes. I will prevail.


Stepping out of character for a second.

It's been a blast writing this the last few months, but the time's come to call it quits. I'm not in the US and while up to now I've been getting by on the wildfeeds, I'm going - gasp - spoiler free. I have no idea when I'll see the new episodes, and it seems silly to write a FE journal when I have no idea what the First is up to in the show.

Huge thanks to everyone who read it, commented, mailed me or friended me (as I write this it stands at 1050... wow). You guys rock. And check out sunnydale_socks for the journals of just about everybody else, written by some hugely talented people.
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