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Insult upon injury

After horrible party events - still too painful to discuss - have finally got Tuesday night status report from Harbinger (since rest were apparently pitching their Chicago act to Simon Cowell et al).

Not only does red_witch steal my top evil award for last year, but she seems to be making an early bid for THIS year's prize. How dare she muscle in on my shapeshifting gig! I thought of it first! There's a reason I'm not the hundred and fifth evil (besides obvious problems of printing business cards etc).

So far her repertoire seems limited to geeky ex-minion's geeky skinned boyfriend, but this is undoubtably just tip of morphing iceberg. She could be up to Spike-torturing by the end of the week. Damn her.

I don't see what's so great about skinning Warren, anyway. Certainly don't see why Lloyd would have a sketch of it on his office wall. Signed. With "Love and evilness, Willow!" and a cross. I could have skinned the geek, but the Bringers were SIT-hunting in Europe that week, and just didn't have enough frequent flyer miles to bring one back.

Said I wasn't going to talk about it. Anyway. Maybe trip to LA would cheer me up? I hear Angelus is on the loose. No doubt he'd welcome news of what his ex-Slayer's been up to with her new vampy boy toy.

Must pack some leather pants, just in case soulboy's little gang have heartlessly failed to provide them.
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