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All singing, all annoying

All right, who put Prozac in the Harbingers' feeding bowls? Am extremely busy with secret evil schemes, can't afford to be distracted by very noisy all-Bringer version of "Chicago" currently being performed two caves away. Definitely not going to give in to their requests to bring that singing-and-dancing demon back, as my minions have done quite enough baring of inner feelings (among other things) in past week. Also, don't want to watch the SIT hoards form a chorus line. Unless Dawn cracks and kills them all in a last-ditch bid for attention?

Maybe will keep the musical extravaganza for a back-up plan.

Also, several commenters have queried the Lloyd situation. Evil does not kiss and tell, unless ex-president Clinton is involved, but you know how it is - working flat-out to exit mortal coil with a bang, things can get lonely, especially when pet vampires get inconveniently killed/rescued. Nice to find someone who understands, and who appreciates the complexity and beauty of pure evil. Besides, have always found antlers quite sexy on a demon.
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