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What with all the "excitement" - using term loosely - of Tuesday night and travelling to the clinic to collect the Harbingers (suspect annoying amount of hugging, growing and sharing went on in my absence: not healthy), had completely forgotten to check in on developments LA-wise. Luckily my Beast thought to send status report.

From: ("Demon Academy of Dramatic Arts")
Subj: LA Update

Hi there! Just thought that as my employer (thanks again, by the way, I truly appreciate the work), I should give you the "low-down" on what I've been up to this week. You'll be glad to hear that Wolfram and Hart is no more! Yep, I killed 'em all good (if you could just overlook some minor zombies, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't my fault). I nearly had that scrawny teen you've been after, too, but thought I should lay off killing him until I hear from you, o mostly-all-knowing one.

Incidentally, I wondered if you could clear up a few questions about my motivation? Right now I'm going for "carnage-causing glee" with a dash of malice and psychopathy on the side, but it'd really help me out. I'm more of a "Method" Beast.

Hope this is what you were after!

Henry ("The Beast")


He destroyed W&H? Rats. I meant him to go after that other evil law-firm - the one that used to be on television, with that very skinny girl and the dancing baby. Oh well. Probably should start looking for new attorney. Just as well, since Ms. Morgan seemed to be spending most of her time with Angel's ex-watcher friend. Taking down his briefs, no doubt. So unprofessional when people put their sex lives ahead of their commitment to evil.

Anyway, must go - meeting Lloyd for cocktails at eight.
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