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Tuesday Night Non-Smackdown Event

Don't know why I even bothered hauling ass back to So. Cal. last night, since anticipated Tuesday night White-Hat rumble was pre-empted for a Slayer pep-talk and boot camp session with the youngsters. Still, anything better than more group therapy with the Bringers. Only so long you can listen to them blame everything on their absent fathers, and I hate to see a grown Harbinger cry.

Did get a chance to follow the Slayer around for a bit - what's with the loose-skinned demon? Probable ex-crypt-destroying-sex-partner, but no time to put him on the extermination list, what with, oh, Dawn still to wipe out. Yes, we heard she isn't a potential - don't care. That sonic shriek should not be a tool in the hands of good.
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