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Cheery waves all, from Lloyd!

Hey guys!

Since the First is all tied up in Bringer-rehab, he (or she, if that floats your dinghy) asked me - Lloyd - to mail in a quickie update. FE hoped to be back today but it's looking like the Harbingers are going to need a few more days in therapy. Minions, who'd have them? (Not that I'd know - low grade justice demon here!) They were doing so well, too, until two of them sneaked out and went kind of nuts. Shooting up with stolen essence of lavender oil, I heard. Sad, really - I think the poor guys heard "addiction" and got the wrong end of the stick.

Anyway, he'll try to be back for tomorrow night, but rest assured that even if he (she) can't tear herself away, there are still clean, spell-free Harbingers in Sunnydale carrying out their wonderful evil mission.

Going to go now, but just remember... kids! Don't do magic(k)!
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