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Locating Slayerette-types

Since Buffy and pals seem to be working to locate undiscovered potential pains-in-my-incorporeal-ass, have decided on preemptive strike. To this end, minions and I have been trying to find these naive young things before they can be cruelly turned to the side of all that is good and pure.

Evil plan a) Small group of (semi-)competent Bringers given braille copies of "Dummies Guide to Magick, Scrying, Divining and Necromancy", researching spells to locate SNITs (Slayers Not in Training)

b) less-competent Harbingers sent to airport and bus station with large "follow us to Buffy Summers!" signs (though maybe should not be killing off the stupid ones first, as could be inadvertently helping the Slayer line through picking off the weak? Damn you, Charles Darwin!)

c) sent the following email to every address we could get our hands on (spam a truly beautiful thing, glad I invented it):

>ATTN: Big cash prize!
>Are you:
>- female?
>- aged 14 - 21(ish)?
>- have noticed signs of superior strength, such as the breaking of doorknobs and/or accidental homicide of those close to you?
>You could win a HUGE CASH PRIZE!
>Simply reply to this e-mail with your name and address and one of our representatives - wearing our firm's traditional black hood-and-robe uniform - will deliver your fabulous prize!
>Definitely Not Evil, Inc

What? Works for Evil-Doers' Digest. Still waiting for those 10,000 freshly-sacrificed virgins they keep claiming I've won in their prize draw.

Edited to add: Seems to be some debate over whether SITs have a scaled-down version of Slayer powers or not. While it would appear not, even the Creator himself is often unclear on such things, so why leave it to chance? We're going by the theory that with the Harbingers working the planes, buses and magic(k) angles, we may as well cover all our bases.

Also, taking out any super-powered human girls who may be wandering around can be no bad thing for the evil side (ie: me). And if that spy-girl with the odd colored hair from TV shows her face around here, my Harbingers are instructed to deliver instant smackdown.
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