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Life, love and a hideous painful death to the Slayer

Still eagerly awaiting the howls of agony from LA when the Broodmeister opens our little care package. Flushed with success, spent most of today recording optional in-character commentaries for the Spike Sexcam DVD, with possible view to commercial release. Post-shuffling off this mortal coil, perhaps have bright future in the adult entertainment industry? Today's evil must always be looking to the future & considering what's to come after the apocalypse. Am considering writing demon dating guide with vital info such as number and position of genitalia on various breeds, races who never call in the morning, and list of demonic species who are obsessed with sex.

Actually very few demons obsessed with sex - tend to be more slaughter-and-destruction orientated (good, good) - though once dated an Ala'Ne demon who was obsessed with socks. Strange race.

Cannot hide it any longer - all this talk of relationships is because Lloyd sent another e-mail, asking me to RSVP party invitation. What to do? He seems genuine, but have always put mayhem-causing before my romantic life. Also, age difference could be insurmountable - he is a mere three thousand, while I am ageless and came into being with the first living creature (though have been told I look very well preserved).

No, must focus on important things: continuing to train the Harbingers so we can take out the Slayer and the junior Slayer wannabes once and for all.

Maybe could take just one night off for the party, though. Yes? Yes.
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