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Foiled Again

Damn postal service. After having Spike nicely chained up in my lair for x number of weeks, the Passions Fan Club kit only arrives after the Slayer rescues him. Was sure the promise of the "Timmy, We Hardly Knew Ye" fanzine would be enough to bring him back to the welcoming (if incorporeal) arms of evil.

Would have tried popping over to White-hat Central to taunt him with it, but during my sojourn as Southern Belle Slayerette discovered that they have a new secret weapon: pseudo-English SIT, apparently bastard offspring of Mary Poppins and Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep. Is it any wonder my own accent was off? Was suffering terrible migraine. Now understand why Darius the Harbinger hacked off his own head instead of killing her in London - had previously put it down to clumsiness. Can't possibly move against the Superfriends until we find enough earplugs for all the Bringers.

Still, Passions kit not completely wasted, as now have Timmy avatar.
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