The First (thefirstevil) wrote,
The First

Slight hiccup

No update yesterday - in a fit of pique when my Harbinger typed the password wrong again I may have slightly, accidentally, knocked out the whole network.


Still, gave me time to perfect my evil white-hat-morale-crushing speech, as vital a part of a Big Bad's plan as the evil laugh and the evil minions. Speech is quite long, so will potentially need to tie the Slayer up for her to listen to it. If only Ubie were still around, he would enjoy that. No, must stop thinking about him! Only way to get over the grief. Tried taking his form, but those leather pants chafe so. No wonder he growled so much. Maybe also why Angelus is so deliciously evil? He seems to enjoy it, though. Obviously got lonely without Spike around.

Received lovely poem via email from someone called <>Margaret</a>. Very touching tribute to my Turok-Han.

"Dust they art, to dust returning,"

Evil lasts, but undeath’s fleeting.
And the grave must take it’s tolls,
Dark the fates of evil’s vampires,
Suffering when they’re given souls,

Sent to battle on the Hellmouth,
Listening to a Slayer's quips,
In the town of Sunnydale,
Where vampire choice is stake or chips,

As your fellow Dark Lords tell you,
Evil minions come and go,
Like dust on the winds of winter
Feel the grief – and let it go.

Much better than Spike's poetry, which defies all laws of man and nature.

Also have found that Wacky Witchy Willow has a journal too. Bet she's trying to get a head start on the Evil of 2003 competition, if she's not too busy ogling the verging-on-jailbait piece of SIT crumpet she has stashed away in her bedroom. She probably doesn't even have an evil speech.
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